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My name is Kofo Olayinka. I teach Marketing. In fact, I have been doing this for the past 27 years now and I've enjoyed every bit of it. I have trained thousands of students many of whom now hold key positions in their organisations.

My goal is to promote a broader access to marketing, especially from the Nigerian perspective on this web site. There'll be regular marketing facts and figures. You can use our forum to discuss any issue of interest to you and also submit your assignments online.

Marketing is business. It is the heart of the enterprise.

  Information to my students of any important event will be posted here or sent to your respective emails when necessary...
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Marketing is the heart of the enterprise.

This blog is about marketing and issues tangential to it. We shall interact on everyday marketing issues, academic issues on marketing, practical issues day-to-day happenings, advice, questions, corrections, suggestions, reactions,  gripes, queries, novel ideas, opportunities, reports and new ideas that can benefit the individual and the enterprise. This will be a forum, we hope, to which you will regularly look forward as you can contribute and also benefit from the contributions of others. Let's get going.

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